To double the size of the co-operative economy, we need to clear the roadblocks that stand in the way

Across Britain, a new generation of small and medium-sized co-operatives are blossoming.

And we want to see even more of them, with Labour pledging to double the size of the co-op economy under a future Labour & Co-op government.

But before we can unleash the full potential of co-operatives, we need to remove the barriers that stand in the way.

At the moment, small and medium-sized co-ops face are forced to jump through extra legal and regulatory hoops that don't apply to other types of companies of the same size - even though all the evidence suggests that co-operatives tend to be far more stable and resilient.

Labour & Co-operative MP Adrian Bailey is in parliament today, working to make things right by changing the law so that co-operatives get the equal treatment they deserve.

Through this and other actions over the next few months, we'll be focusing on removing the barriers that stand in the way of the co-op movement's growth. If you're with us and want to get involved, then sign up here.